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66806_10151412527939646_1618358300_nThe Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service was founded in 2013 by three passionate long-distance runners from western Massachusetts. The BURCS crew is composed of runners of all ages who seek to use their passion for sport and activism to spread awareness about important social, civic, and environmental issues.

Membership is quick, easy, affordable and open to anyone ages 5 to 105. Members are asked nothing but to bring their appetite for digesting urgent and pivotal issues and a pair of shoes whose soles can get a little muddy.


Club members are encouraged to organize and make appearances at fun runs and events and to actively seek out other friends that share similar goals and values to tag along. Whether a newcomer or hardened warrior, 5k wannabe or 100mile finisher, the BURCS offer a fun, hassle-free option for runners looking for camaraderie and friendship. We want to help our community members make the leap from conventional distances like the 26.22 miles of the marathon to 50k, 50m, 100k distances and beyond. The BURCS believe that in growing our community, with values of camaraderie, health and helpful service, we can aid each other in breaking down psychological barriers and help fully realize our true potential about what our bodies are in fact capable of.



Please go to www.burcsrunners.org for more information and to become a member!