A History of New York

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School children of Mexican American descent were subject to racial segregation in the public school system. ,.i„,en lUe two ""' ':''°'"i^z°S^< ^'^^^''^ ^'-°«^ «"° «■' °"': r„;:ho wt » ta -o,,a prooUmatlon (Ang. ») -e-eslaUis e I L" X" aii. diplomatic in.crconise between .lie .wo eoun.ties soon ""onTneLl. tUo «»-« ot Representatives adopted the foUowins rrrj: or L se.. ^^^^^^^^^^ 'r '""rwTwb ii 1 »; 1™ «:,, ..tended -, and sneli other .nfor- the snceess with whiU tliey i„, ,„ exhibiting mation as, in the opinion of llio i=»o«;°7' "°' s,„ics ••. „.nernl ,iew of the manufaclurei of .lie United btalcs.

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